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Envirosax Custom Bag

Our Bag. Your Design.

Green is the new Envirosax! Corporate Green. Meaning we help you, our corporate customer, show your green side! For 20 years, Envirosax saved the planet from plastic bags using design as the vehicle, with the main focus being Direct to Consumers and Retail. 

2023 has seen our brand move away from the original Envirosax designs and transition to fully customizable solutions for businesses and organizations. We are fully committed to helping you, the corporate customer, save the planet and market your brand under the new banner, Corporate Green.


Same Bag, Same Quality, New Name. Corporate Green.

Why Corporate Green?

It's simple. A stunning bag that carries 50lbs, rolls up to a 4" package, saves the environment, and promotes your business? That's the essence of Corporate Green!


Imagine a loyal customer joining your promotional team as they use your personalized bag wherever they go! No matter how large or small, your business is, we are here to help your vision come to life. 

a bag your
Want to Use

and is

Good for the Environment 

AND Markets Your Brand!

OO_B4_3 (1).png

Over the past decade, Envirosax has created stunning bags for some major customers worldwide. Click on the link below to view and see how well some companies have used CMYK, tints, and gradients to create masterpieces used for resale, gift with purchase, fundraisers, and corporate gifting

Optional Certified 100% rPET

Durability = Sustainability 


12 stitches per inch giving greater textile strength. (Industry standard 8 stitches per inch)

All seams are double bound, allowing the bag to carry in excess of 50lbs.

Waterless printing method using certified eco-friendly dyes.

What Our Customers Say


Bryan Ware
The Crayon Initiative

I wanted to find in a gift that we can give our supporters. It was not size-specific and not necessarily event-specific; and fitted into our mission and lifestyle. So Envirosax was a home run for that.

We also upgraded to recycled polyester. Why not? Bring it full circle and tell the story of who we are and why we are in a very colorful way, and Envirosax allows us to do that.

Rancho Relaxo_Bag_V1.png

Stella  Adena
Rancho Relaxo

I was thrilled with how cost effective the program is given the high quality of the bags. I am using these as a gift with purchase for the holidays, And I have customers coming back to buy more as they make the perfect gift. I will continue to reorder this item as it is a wonderful marketing vehicle that supports sustainability message.

Johnnys Markets_Bag_mockup.png

Mike LaBerteaux

Walters-Dimmick Petroleum & Johnny’s Markets

Envirosax are a great product for our customers on the go. The bags fold up and fit in your pocket with a breeze! The best part was being able to get our branding on the bags with such ease and flexibility. We really appreciate working with Envirosax!

Botanica Cafe_2.jpg

Create a bag that people will love to carry - even if they have no idea who your company is!

Botanica Cafe_3.png

How It Works

Your options are endless with our printing system! You can choose a photograph, a drawing, or even just your logo.

We start with a blank canvas, so you are not limited to any colored bags, and it literally is "A Blank Canvas." You can supply your artwork or ask our art department to design for you.

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